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ArchestrA Modeling…

ArchestrA (now known as the System Platform) is the hub and central component for live data in the Wonderware suite of products.

ArchestrA not only keeps all live data point values in the system but also provides an object model on which the plant can be constructed.

Pieces of equipment are modeled as objects containing attributes. Scripting the behavior within the models is supported. Objects are modeled first as templates. These templates have the generic behavior for a specific type of equipment. The templates have an inheritance capability allowing more specific types of equipment templates to be derived. Finally instances can be created from these templates and each piece of equipment is uniquely identified in the system.

Minot Enterprises builds template models for customers. The templates contain attributes specific to the equipment being modeled and the behavior is implemented using scripting or using .NET languages such as C# compiled and installed script libraries.

For more complicated equipment models the Application Object Toolkit can be used that will build objects allowing the development of a custom configuration user interface.

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