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Data Modeling…

Data is available from multiple sources and these include:

  • InSQL
  • Alarm system
  • Downtime system
  • Tracking system
  • Batching system
  • Other corporate systems e.g. Oracle
  • Web Services

External sources such as Web Services which may be internal and external to the corporate system. This information is available at the operational level and is normally on the production network. Typically this data needs to be summarized for management of the production operation but more importantly for the management of the business.

Minot Enterprises specializes in this area and builds both summary systems as well as data warehouses for analysis purposes. The summary systems typically run as a scheduled task that will run after the summary period has occurred. The summaries are normally performed per hour, or per shift and rolled up for larger period such as a day, week, month or year. There are quite a few subtleties to handle this data which need to be taken care of such as handling daylight saving time changes, recalculation of data on changes and record keeping of changes.

When developing such systems there is usually a requirement for the development of custom equations as per the customer individual business rules and these need to be incorporated into the system. Every business also has a specific set of key performance indicators that give critical information on the state of the business. These are all calculated within the summary layer. In cases where a customer requires the ability to analyze business data Minot Enterprises will develop a data warehouse, and by using available client tools customers can slice and dice the data as required to analyze their business.

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